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Thank you for visiting the website of Manteo Baptist Church. This church exists to glorify God by making disciples that obey the Great Commission to make Christ known to the nations, and by obeying the Great Commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves. That mission is built around five words at MBC: COME, CONNECT, GROW, SERVE, and GO.

Our Vision

The first word in our strategy towards fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 18:18-20) and the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-40), is the word COME. We want people to come to church, and at MBC we stress the importance of inviting people to church. Numerous statistics and surveys show that many people said they would come to church if someone invited them.  Well, consider this one of our invitations to join us in worship this Lord’s day.  Join us as we celebrate the goodness and grace of God through music, fellowship and the preaching of God’s Word, and come just as you are!

The second word in our strategy is the word CONNECT.  Once you COME to MBC, it is our prayer that your life will become connected to Jesus, and that you will embrace Him as your personal Savior and Lord (if you don’t already have a personal relationship with Him).  Secondly, we want you to become connected to a small group of like-minded individuals who have some of the same struggles and questions that you may have. This is done primarily through our small group ministry that we call Sunday School. There are different classes you can choose from (depending on your age), and in them you will find teachers who love people and who love Jesus, and group members who will love you, pray for you, and encourage you in your walk with Christ. Come and get Connected this Sunday.

The third word in our strategy is the word GROW.  Once you COME, and then get CONNECTED, it is our prayer that you begin to GROW in  your faith.  Every person at MBC is on a spiritual journey, and each one of them is at a different location in the journey.  Some people have only known Christ for a short period of time, and others have been Christ followers for decades.  Regardless of where we are in the journey, we never come to a place where we don’t need spiritual growth anymore. Because of that, we offer various ways to help you grow in your understanding of the Bible and the Christian life. Before worship services on Sunday, we have our small group Sunday school classes that meet at 9:45am to study the Scriptures in a small group setting. We have two worship services on Sunday where our pastor preaches expository sermons to help us understand the Bible and apply its truths to our lives. The morning service begins at 11:00am and the evening service is at 6:30pm. On Wednesday evenings we meet at 6:30pm for our midweek prayer meeting and Bible study. In addition, throughout the year we offer studies for men, women, and families that focus on certain issues that we feel will strengthen their faith and walk with God.  Come and GROW with us!

The fourth word in our strategy is SERVE.  At MBC, we believe that everyone who is a Christ follower has a spiritual gift that can and should be used in the church. We have some committees such as stewardship and nominating, but we also have numerous teams that you can serve in such as Ministry Teams. These teams carry out an “ongoing” concerted area of ministry, such as evangelism , audio visual, ministry to the home-bound, music, etc. Secondly, there are Service Teams. These teams carry out an “as needed” area of ministry, such as building and grounds,  hospitality , decorating team, VBS, Upwards Sports, etc.  Then lastly there are Teaching Teams. These teams carry out the ongoing teaching ministry of the church, such as Sunday School, discipleship training, neighborhood Bible study groups etc.  When you serve, you grow in your faith, you help others, and you bring glory to God.  Come and SERVE with us!

The fifth and final word in our strategy is the word GO. Jesus said we are to “go” into all the world and make disciples of all nations. That is a tall order from Jesus, and one that we should give our full attention and heart. It is our prayer that when people COME to MBC and CONNECT with God and His people that they will GROW in their faith, gain experience and confidence as they SERVE, and then GO and make a difference out in the world where they live and work during the week. However, we also believe that it is important to Go on mission outside of our community as well. Throughout the year, we provide opportunities to do this through short term mission projects, and hopefully through long term mission relationships with missionaries and church planters. Come and GO with us!

Connect With Us at MBC

Children's Ministry

We are convinced that children are not just our future, but they are also our present! We want to give every opportunity for children to meet Jesus Christ and begin to live a life that is marked by the gospel.

Youth Ministry

Anchor Youth is the student ministry of Manteo Baptist Church in Manteo, North Carolina. We are passionate about one thing: Jesus Christ. Our goal is to connect students in Manteo and the Outer Banks to Jesus.

Adult Ministries

We believe in Sunday School at MBC! Sunday School is one of the primary ways in which we grow together as a family of faith. We meet together on Sunday mornings at 9:45 AM for fellowship and for the teaching of the Word.


Jesus Christ gave a command to his disciples that has come to be known as the Great Commission. We take this commission seriously at Manteo Baptist Church. It is the role of the church to make disciples.

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